At K Town Tavern, we decided to give our pizza an authentic taste with our custom Wood Fire Pizza Oven. The difference between wood fire oven pizza and regular oven pizza is clear with just one bite.

The smoky flavor, crunchy toppings, and fluffy crust of wood fire oven pizza most certainly dominates all others. With the oven’s rapid cook time, many pizzas can be made in a short amount of time ensuring the pizza never becomes soggy and the crust is just perfection.

Here are some of the benefits of K Town Tavern’s Wood Burning Pizza Oven:

Higher cooking temperature 

Faster cooking time 

Better crust 

Unique flavor

Crispy toppings

Don’t just take our word for it- come into K Town Tavern any night- 320 North Peters Road in Knoxville TN!

Every Monday night at K Town, get any one of our Hand Crafted Wood Fire Oven Pizzas for just $8.99. Also, for a limited time, add a Cheese Pizza to any other Pizza order for only $2.00

*NEW Curbside ONLY Menu*

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